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Meet Our Coaches

All of our coaches are ready to walk you through your Fitness journey—whether it is the beginning of your first steps or guiding you along as you continue through your fitness endeavors. Our coaches come from all walks of life with varying backgrounds, but the one thing they have in common is their commitment to delivering the highest quality training experience.

All coaches at Cirque are experienced, knowledgeable, and masters of their craft, able to effectively guide and train clients of all ages, fitness levels and abilities. Each coach offers a unique training and coaching style. 

Katie Skiba

Owner // Master Aerial Coach // CF-L1

Stephen Clegg

Owner // CF-L4

Tori Bryan

Marketing Manager // CA - L2 // CF-OL1

Ashely Purser

Client Relations Manager // CA - L2

Kara Watson

CA - L2

Caitlin Martinelli

CA - L2

Amberle Platts

CF - L1 // CA - L1

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