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CrossFit Fundamentals

STEP ONE of the Cirque Athletics Fundamental Program is 4 private sessions to understand where your fitness level is and where you want it to go. We start by finding out what truly motivates you to be healthy. Our program has the ability to accommodate any and all goals. Whether it’s weight loss, strength building, toned muscles, or simply getting that pre-baby body back. The sessions finish with some deliberate practice through a simple, yet effective conditioning session. Healthy minds and bodies aren’t just created in the gym. Our expert coaches will move at YOUR pace in learning the vast movement index required within the Fundamentals program along with numerous educational components regarding lifestyle habits and behaviors. This program is individualized and tailored for YOU at YOUR own pace and progression.

STEP TWO depending on your initial 4 private sessions, you and your coach will determine your next steps. Whether that be continuing with private session to reenforce the movement index or head straight into CrossFit classes, your coach will be right there with every step of the way, making sure you are fully prepared for the next step.

For reference, the majority of our incoming members can expect to start with between 5-7 sessions to be fully prepared and confident to graduate into our group CrossFit classes. Keep in mind, that this process is personalized, so everyone’s journey will look a little different. We are prepared for all learning styles and fitness levels. You DO NOT need to be in shape to start, you just need to be willing to show up, commit and comply to attain your health and fitness goals!

*Cirque Athletics Fundamentals Program is required for all new members that do not have prior CrossFit experience*


Anyone can benefit from the Assessment Course! Sometimes it’s good to revisit the basics even if you have experience. The Assessment Course, is however required for new athletes who do not have prior CrossFit experience. Prior experience involves at least 3 months of regular training at another CrossFit affiliate.


Click the button below to purchase, and a member of our team will be in contact with you within 24 hours to schedule your first fundamentals session. Prior to your first session, you will need to complete our Liability Waiver and set up your own personalized Wodify account as well. 


Cirque Athletics Fundamentals Course includes the following:

4 - 30 Private Sessions
1-Week Unlimited Class Membership
Healthy Eating Nutritional Guide
Accountability Coach
New Member Welcome Package

CrossFit Cirque Sounds like a good fit for you?

After purchasing, a Coach will email you to schedule your sessions.

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