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This classic big top experience invokes the power of the human performance and communal experience which remain at the heart of all Cirque Saison creations. The audience will be touched by uplifting acrobatic choreography, startling physical theatre and moved by the vibrant musical scores, all infused with the warmth of human interconnection. Cirque Athletics invites spectators to meet under our big top to share the experience of this surprising and joyful live gathering.

We have been researching and working hard to put this livestream service together for you and I really hope we're able to share a little bit of our circus world with you, successfully. 
Like what you see on the Live Stream?! Don't hesitate to donate your ticket price or MORE! These performers have been working really hard and we can't wait to continue to improve the gym for them. All money made from the show and ticket sales goes directly back into the gym, so start clicking! 

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As a small business with big aspirations, we rely on the support of many to ensure that we can continue to open the doors of the fitness and entertainment as widely as possible. Our Sponsor Program allows people like you – who support our values, beliefs and projects – to donate directly to Cirque Athletics.

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We were NERVOUS, so the livestream will be FREE this time around. If you enjoy, do not hesitate to donate!!