Katie, owner and head Instructor, loves teaching and developing strength, grace, and personality in every student she

comes in contact with. No matter what her students may be struggling with, she will find it and help you fix it. Starting

as a student herself 10 years ago, she’s trained with multiple aerial coaches in various gyms across the United States to perfect

her skills and become the best coach she can be. While overly cautious, and heavily concentrated on safety, she’s

always eager to give her students the opportunity to fly.

It's Our Pleasure to Introduce,  

Mrs. Katie Skiba

“What if I fall?” Oh, but my darling, what if you fly?

When did you start coaching?

Back in Clearwater, I would occasionally fill in for our contortion coach. I didn't fully grasp the concept of leading people in a class until I moved to Melbourne in 2015. I walked into a studio that had a couple lyra's hanging, and it was all history from there. Melbourne didn't have the circus home that I wanted - so I stuck to my guns and grew as much as I could until I broke out and gave Brevard County the coolest circus gym around.


Why Cirque Athletics?

The first time I understood what circus arts was - I knew it was going to be a part of my life. I went to college, made the responsible choices, got a job in my field - and was on track to being a real live grownup. Throughout all of that - I was always attending classes, spending all my free time and extra cash on circus. When my grownup life moved me away from the one thing that made me happy - I knew I'd have to recreate that space. It took time. A lot of time, and sacrifices - but I did it. And this place is truly something I am proud of. 


What is your Favorite Apparatus?

Lyra. I remember walking into my introductory classes and watching the advanced girls on the hoops - and at that moment my mind was made up that I would do what I had to do to get on one. In my original gym, the hoops were an advanced apparatus only. We had to fully complete and perform skills on both silks and trapeze before we were allowed to even LOOK at the hoops!


What is your Favorite Named Workout?

1 Power Clean & Jerk 225#/155#

I love Power Cleans, I also love a workout with programmed rest. 


What is your Favorite Local Restaurant?


Try and Boba Fett Roll with Umami Mushrooms for an appetizer!


What's one Fun Fact about you?!

...I own a circus gym??