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Rozzi Miller

Rozzi “Rozzalito” Miller is an 12 year old who loves art and loves creating routines to all kinds of music! She has three brothers but is definitely the toughest one out of all her siblings. 


Rozzi tried several different sports before becoming an aerialist. She even did competitive dance and traveled to several competitions, bringing home first place medals each time! It just wasn’t her “thing” and she ended up quitting. After taking a couple years off from searching for something she enjoyed, anxiety got a strong hold of her. She got a puppy and was able to start focusing again. In June 2021, YouTube opened up a whole new world to her, aerial arts! Right away, Rozzi frantically was on the computer trying to find a place in her town that did aerial arts. That is when she found Cirque Athletics. After the trial run at CA in 2021, she was addicted and now trains there 6 days a week under Katie Skiba.


Rozzi’s anxiety is almost completely gone and she is ready to take aerial arts to a whole new level! 

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