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Petra Narendran

Petra is a 10 year old aerial student at Cirque Athletics.  

Petra dabbled in dance, gymnastics, musical theater, and even Shakespeare before discovering Cirque Athletics in 2020. What started as fun activity to fill monotonous days while homeschooling during the early days of COVID has become a passion. Since beginning training, Petra has progressed to an advanced level student on all apparatus. She has performed in several Cirque Athletic shows and is excited about the opportunity to compete around the country. 


Petra has also practiced Tae Kwon Do since 2019. In 2022 she became an assistant instructor at Family Tae kwon Do and joined Team Elite. She has had the opportunity to perform demonstrations in the community and compete with her team at regional and national competitions. She has a shelf full of medals and trophies, but is most proud of her 3rd place at the Maya Challenge earlier this year. Petra will be testing for her black belt in August and loves to show off her Tae Kwon Do skills in her cirque routines. 


When Petra isn’t at the gym, she enjoys sailing and snorkeling with her family on their boat TacocaT, playing with her dogs, Tucker and Layla, and reading any book with dragons. She has dreams to go to MIT to become a rocket engineer and create the first cirque show in space! Can you image all the cool tricks we could do without gravity?! 

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