The event that is redefining what Olympic Weightlifting can be, is back. This year you can count on two things: the cash prizes will be bigger, and the weights will be heavier. The folks at Cirque Athletics and Gifted Performance are proud to bring you:

Max Out Black Out 2: Max Out Heavier and Black Out Harder


We’re coming back this year with a few rule changes to turn the dial up to, and passed, 11. Fear not, there will still be a lack of any and all contentious rules that bring subjectivity to a sport where numbers are king: no press outs, no elbow touches, no butt touches, no foot touch violations, etc.

None. Of. That. Nonsense.


But what we are doing differently this year is splitting the competition into two divisions:

Open and Invitational

The Open Division will be for newer weightlifters who aren’t quite ready to truly push the limits of human performance. The Invitational Division is where the heavy hitters come out to play. The Open Division is open to all lifters while the Invitational is a strict invite only policy.

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