Katie Skiba


                                        Katie Skiba is the founder and owner of Cirque                                           Athletics. Since discovering her love of the 

                                        aerial arts many years ago, she has wholeheartedly committed herself to her training. Katie loves 

teachiNg and developing strength, grace, and personality in every student she comes in contact with. No matter what her students may be struggling with, she will find it and help fix it. Starting as a student herself in 2010, she’s trained with multiple coaches in various schools across the country to perfect her skills and become the best teacher she can be. While overly cautious, and heavily concentrated on safety, she’s always eager to give her students the opportunity to fly. As the owner, Katie prides herself on being extremely understandable and relatable, don't be afraid to give her feedback!

Taylor Lubecki


  Taylor Lubecki has trained in circus arts                                            since 2006 and specializes in silks, hammock,                                      hoop and contortion/stretching. Originally

from Florida’s west coast, she was an instructor for eight years at Dance and Circus Arts of Tampa Bay, was part of the Moving Arts of Tampa Bay performance company and has been as far as Hollywood, CA performing with them. She has had training in proper rigging along with safety techniques for teaching. Besides aerial training, she has a strong background in dance and gymnastics that she started when she was too little to remember. As an engineer (a serious nerd) she always loved understanding the physics and science behind aerial movements and strives to make sure her students can too.

Nicolyn Aleprete

Nicolyn Aleprete used to envy the                                                 

courageous athletes performing in. the air                                                 

 until she decided to take on the challenge                                                 

as an adult. Nicolyn has been training under Katie's watchful eye since the beginning of 2016 and has gained the skills and strength to lead the intro to aerial classes.  Nicolyn has obtained a degree in dance, and when she's not teaching students to fly, she's teaching dance at surrounding studios on the space coast. Thanks to her determination and love of aerial arts, she now can attain her dreams in the air, and impart the same passion to her students.  "I am the biggest living proof that anyone can succeed with a fitness goal, if he or she is willing to start that journey."


Looking forward to flying with you...

184 westover dr. melbourne fl. 32904


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Cirque Athletics Owner: Katie Skiba

Contact Directly: Katie@CirqueAthletics.com