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The CirqueFit program combines basic barbell and dumbbell movements, running, rowing, biking, basic gymnastic moves, plyometrics, and calisthenics. This class is designed for the entry level athlete, and comes included with most Aerial Memberships. If you're interested in amping up your workout, you have the option to take

CirqueFit Fundamentals

That one on one service will cover olympic and powerlifting, running, rowing, biking, basic gymnastic moves, plyometrics, calisthenics…

and more. After completing this 2 hour course, you will be able to implement these higher level skills into normal CirqueFit classes.


for your FREE Trial Class!

Registration is EASY!

1.  Select 'Class Sessions' followed by 'Free Trial'. Search through

the selections for: 'CirqueFit' 

2. Create your profile and complete your waiver.

3. Receive confirmation email from our Front Desk team, usually within 24 hours. That's it!

If you already have a membership and need us to accommodate you, or if you have questions about enrollment flexibility, please contact our front desk.

Ongoing & Flexible


Pick the days of the week that work for you. The days you attend can vary within the month. You're not locked into a specific day of the week. If you purchase a 2/wk membership you have 8 classes to use throughout the month. 

**Classes do not roll over and cannot be shared**

Monthly Membership

2 Class/Week - $119.00

3 Class/Week - $139.00

Unlimited CirqueFit - $159.00

Billed on the first of every month.

If starting mid-month, you'll be prorated to the first.

Add Unlimited Access to Flexibility for $50!

Trial Class

All NEW Students are welcome to try a single class FREE OF CHARGE.  If you have additional questions about your trial class please contact:

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