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Caitlin Martinelli

Caitlin Martinelli is a 15 year old aerial student and Coach at Cirque Athletics.  She is the fourth of five kids.


Caitlin was previously a competitive gymnast and participated in several competitions including one at Disney’s Wide World of Sports.  She made the decision to leave gymnastics and try aerial at CA in February 2019. She began training with Katie Skiba and quickly excelled through all levels of the Youth Program. Caitlin's devotion to training and genuine kindness towards others caught the eyes of CA coaches. In 2021 she was invited to attend the Instructor training program. Caitlin was the first youth student invited to become a coach at Cirque Athletics, and she has excelled in leading many classes since then. Shortly after beginning her coaching career, Caitlin began training regularly in CrossFit. She entered in the CrossFit Open in 2022, and was invited to compete in the quarter finals devision which is an invitation reserved for only the top scoring athletes! She also placed in her first aerial competition in Orlando, FL where she received a 2nd place medal!


Caitlin is a very hard working coach, a great student, and enjoys learning new things.  She is very excited about competing in future aerial competitions.

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