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Brenna Van Someren

Brenna, 12, has always been very strong yet struggled to find her place in athletics. She tried gymnastics and rock climbing but didn’t enjoy either. We were at a loss for over a year until we saw a friend’s social media post about Cirque Athletics. We knew right away that Brenna was highly capable of learning these skills and she found her home at C.A. in May of 2021.  


She has since performed in numerous shows at C.A. and recently began training for aerial arts competitions all over the country. She trains in the gym five days per week to improve her strength and knowledge of the Aerial Arts and is always working on new skills and routines for her next performance.


When Brenna is not at CA, she is busy with homeschool, pestering her twin brother, practicing the skills she’s learned at C.A., FaceTiming her friends to show off said skills and taking care of our revolving door of foster kittens.

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