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Bethany Cronkhite

Bethany is a 10 year old aerial student at Cirque Athletics. She is the youngest of five children. Enduring all the pranks from her older siblings throughout her life has made her tough!

As a homeschooled student, her schedule has provided her with the freedom to spend three or more hours at the gym everyday. She loves every minute of being at CA! Over the past 3 years she has progressed through the Youth Program, and is currently an Advanced level student. 


When she is not at Cirque Athletics, she spends her time loving on animals. Her love for animals doesn't just include her pets, she also loves the exotic and wild creatures in the world! She hopes to fulfill her dreams of working with animals by becoming a veterinarian.  She will never forget about her love for aerial though, and one day she will open a whole circus!  

She is thankful for her coaches, family, and God, and seeks to use her talent to lead others in worship.

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