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Alliann Glidden

Alliann Glidden “Alli” for short is 12 years old. She is homeschooled and active in her church youth group. She found cirque Athletics about 2 years ago. She had tried gymnastics and dance in the past, but nothing stuck longer than a couple months. She has always been determined and when she puts her mind to something  there is no stopping her. She earned a black belt in 2018 at just 8 years old in Tae Kwon Do and broke a brick with her foot as her final test. 


After that she was ready for her next challenge. She found cirque and the world of aerial and couldn’t get enough.  She’s always been competitive and wants to be the best she can be.  For her competing and pushing herself in this way is a dream. She has performed in 4 shows with cirque athletics and was thrilled to earn her place on the competition team to take her aerial passion to the next level. When Alli isn’t at cirque she enjoys arts and crafts, drawing, trying out fun hairstyles, hanging with her friends and family and playing with her cat Ava-cado. 

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