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Alexis Peer

 Alexis is a 16 year old aerial student at Cirque Athletics. Her family is not surprised by her passion for the aerial arts.  Her mom and dad have been watching her flip and jump on the furniture since she was a toddler. She lives with her parents and one very grumpy chihuahua. 


  After retiring from competitive gymnastics, she discovered that she could use her strength and skills to trade flipping for flying and she never looked back. In late 2021 she found Cirque Athletics and decided that she wanted to pursue her passion for performing more seriously. If Alexis was forced to choose a favorite apparatus, she would say lyra, but she loves them all!


  Alexis is a hardworking student who is a rising junior. She aspires to be a professional aerialist in the future and pursue a degree in marine biology.  In her spare time, she enjoys surfing, skim boarding, learning to drive, hanging out with friends, and reading. 

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