CirqueIt Events is known for producing gravity defying shows. We aim to make a positive impact on people, communities and the planet with our most important tools: creativity and art. CirqueIt Events extends its creative approach to a large variety of entertainment and educational forms such as interactive workshops, immersive experiences, and special events.



Cirque Saison

This classic big top experience invokes the power of the human performance and communal experience which remain at the heart of all Cirque Saison creations. The audience will be touched by uplifting acrobatic choreography, startling physical theatre and moved by the vibrant musical scores, all infused with the warmth of human interconnection. Cirque Athletics invites spectators to meet under our big top to share the experience of this surprising and joyful live gathering.

Max Out Black out

The inaugural Max Out or Black Out Classic will be held July 3rd and is a one-of-a-kind, Olympic Weightlifting style event with the dull trappings and formalities of a sanctioned meet removed. Our goal is to highlight the athletes by making them the star of their own show while at the same time completely reimagining what the spectator experience can be. Cash prizes, theatrics, and displays of superhuman strength take the place of archaic regulations that have always created an inevitable snooze-fest for those in the audience. What we offer to you is the ultimate environment for lovers of Olympic Weightlifting to immerse themselves in everything the sport can truly be.