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Abigail Martinelli

Abigail Martinelli is a 13 year old aerial student at Cirque Athletics. She is the youngest of five kids and the most adventurous!


Abigail was previously a competitive gymnast and participated in several competitions including one at Disney’s Wide World of Sports.  She found CA in February 2019 and began training with Katie Skiba in various circus disciplines. Over the past few years she has excelled in the Youth Program, and is currently an Advanced level student on all apparatuses. Her dedication and positive attitude have greatly impacted her success both in and out of CA. She has performed in numerous Cirque shows and won a 1st place medal at her first Aerial Competition in Orlando, FL!


Abigail regularly serves in her church nursery and she is always seen with a smile on her face. She loves performing and is very excited to compete in future aerial competitions.

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